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Disclaimer - Other than the original fics, none of these characters belong to me - I'm only playing with what is so generously given to the universal subconscious. Thank you, creators!

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* LJ has become that toothache that aches when you tongue it but sorta kinda just feels numb when you ignore it. There are many many reasons for this and half are mine and I own them and half are the flists and I'm pretty sure they couldn't give a rat's ass....but I'm feeling this particular journal of mine is done. Finished. In the same way my last lj journal came to a horrid messy end. What did we use to say in junior high - it's been real and it's been fun but it hasn't been real fun? Some of you will see my voice again - soon maybe, but others won't and I wish you all the best and have a great life and remember it's short and you gotta embrace all of it and take what you need and leave the rest and be kind and pet animals and rally for the underdog and all of that bumper sticker stuff.

* On a more lj-ey note, I've found a novel that some of you will love - you in particular, bauhausfrau! It is steeped to the brim in that amazing British Lit genre of overlapping lives separated by generations - AS Byatt perfected this niche with "Possession" but Lindsey Clarke pre-dated her with "The Chymical Wedding" (it is shameful that that amazing title is out of print) and now I'm adding this new title to the list "Ghostwalk" by Rebecca Stott. Only 1/3 of the way in but it is beautiful in its prose, shocking on some singular lines and delicious in every imaginable way. What other titles fit this genre? John Fowles' "The French Lieutenant's Woman".

* BSG continues to amaze and generate thought (and lustful vibes for Admiral Adama). How cool is it that we get to see mini-Olmos every time his son is on screen. I love that!

* Not writing. Playing with dogs. And that's good, too.

I cannot wait to see this! It's not screening anywhere near me...how long until it gets to dvd????


I've got a semi-busy week.

* Genest released t-shirts today!!! How on Earth could I resist???? And does anyone know if there is a print version of this? No one makes me swoon like this boy. No. One. He is a kind of living summation of everything I find....compelling.

* Started "The Thorn and the Blossom" this morning and the gimmick is very fun indeed. The writing so far...meh...but we'll see. I loved her short story collection. She can write.

* "Battlestar Galactica" continues to impress. As does "Once Upon a Time"! I am REALLY loving that show. I love the twist on the classic faerie tale, I love the symbolism, and the parallelism that is holding the stories apart. Very clever, and very thought-provoking.

* I've begun another round of purging/cleaning. Things have got to go. They just have got to go. I'm hoping this will help me begin to center again. I've lost my center.

TITLE:  Of Amber Which Has Lain With Roses
FANDOM:  Sherlock BBC
SUMMARY:  No spoilers.

Of Amber Which Has Lain With RosesCollapse )

Feb. 17th, 2012



Cemetery tour was amazing. So glad we went! And we got signed up for a tour in October with Douglas Keister acting as invitational tour guide!!!! This author is local and I have seen him speak before about his amazing resource "Stories in Stone" but to get to walk this 58 acre cemetery with him is going to be very exciting! We learned so much about this center-of-town graveyard. I had NO IDEA they have a weeping angel!  And I learned that single plots can be used to stack two caskets and two urns if requested! And that they refer to sections of the cemetery as "gardens". I found this headstone that I thought was really nice - I've never seen that before -


Weather was beautiful and the menfolk seemed to enjoy the tour as much as I did! A nice afternoon!

* It's ten am where is the contractor? 0_o

* I've got another Sherlock on the brain needles...it's not a new idea, been done before in other fandoms, but I'm enjoying writing it.

Daily dose of puppy. In the snow this time. We actually call this corn snow. It ain't really snow.

* Desperate for good FREE tv - see, "free" being the descriptive adjective there - we have begun watching "Gunsmoke". Uh....mmmm....would you all think me incredibly weird if I told you how hard I'm girl-crushing on Festus? Thought so. All Festus episodes are hilarious. The writing, the hillbilly lingo, the acting, the MULES! Just fun stuff. Matthew/Festus fic anyone?

* Today we're going on an official tour of the old in-town cemetery! I'll bring the camera!

* I am re-watching and re-watching "Sherlock" and now that I've re-seen TRF I see where my ficlet went wrong. *shrug* I could take out that one paragraph....not sure it matters. I'm getting amazing comments on ff.net and that's lovely. This one made me tingly - "She had become the badly used pawn in Moriarty's dismal game. He, Sherlock, had, at least, made her Queen. HOLY ** BEST LINE EVER." Heh. I did particularly like those two lines.

*Contractor/buddy is coming tomorrow and will be here all weekend working on the loft!!!!! Be happy for me, flist!