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* Root canal went like a charm. I told the dentist he is a minor god in my pantheon. Painless, not quick, two hours, I kept my eyes closed the entire time and stayed in my happy place. Ativan helped immensely. Now just two more appointments to go and gods let us hope that is the dental hell quota for the year.

* Snow is melting rapidly. Of course. *blows raspberry at the seasons*

* Crushing wildly madly on Mr. Cumberbatch. Here's a BBC trailer for S2 - no spoilers but does completely give away the game in regards to why this show is so damned good. The writing, the acting, the line delivery and...yes, Benedict. Yum! *wriggles*

Feb. 11th, 2012


He's getting HUGE. In just two and a half weeks! And he's now going to the back door to be let out to use the facilities!!!!

* Had a helluva lot fun writing 2500 words of Sherlock in just a few hour's time the day before yesterday. That's the best kind of fanfic, imo. It is frustrating that after posting my brain continues to churn out paragraphs and visuals....but I just hate holding onto fic because my mind seizes on it and I can't shake loose. It's an uncomfortable feeling. I'd rather post a fic I feel is moderately well-done than a polished and perfect pristine fic because it helps keep my brain free.

* Anyone else hate how Ao3 allows the "kudos"?!?!? Forget that - how about a real comment.

* Got my bangs trimmed the other day - so much prefer them short and blunt but it requires a bang trim every 3 weeks - and she loaned me "Fall On Your Knees". So far so delectably good.

* "Kill the Irishman" is worth two hours of your time.

* I'm thinking of a paid subscription to "Iditarod".

TITLE:  This Life’s Figure
FANDOM:  Sherlock
CHARACTERS:  Sherlock/Molly
WORD COUNT:  2,000
SUMMARY:  SERIOUS spoilers through the end of Season 2. This one-shot picks up 3/4 of the way through "The Reichenbach Fall".

For armeleia, stardustasylum, and kiyakatori - with love.

This Life's FigureCollapse )


The raven who is teasing the crap out of the Jack Russell...he followed us on our walk.


Or our run as some would have it. ;)


My good boy Sam teaching the pup what's what. Can you see Zoltan?


"What? We're home?"

* Caught "The Trip" last night....and uh...yeah, funny...but incredibly poignantly sad. I don't know.

* Still lovesick over Cumberbatch's Sherlock. Crawling around on the floor sick, ya know. I might rewatch those six movies episodes. Maybe I can interest The Viking in checking them out.

* Listening to:  new Cohen, new Lanegan, new Die Antwood, and old The National. You flist?

* Back to reading about the Iditarod - wanting good steamy well written novel recs.


A million thnx to batchix for the supreme coolness of sending me the above link!




Puppy is doing well and so far the Hungarian name Zoltan is sticking!

* A friend sent me burnt Sherlock and omg - Season 2 is even better than Season 1 and that's pretty darned unbelievable!!! "A Scandal in Belgravia" is one of the finest bits of TV I've ever had the pleasure of watching. Sherlock is fantabulous!

* Trying to find something other than escapism fiction/tv to do with myself....did a lot of yard work today. That's good. Uh...Writing here and there on the original. Yeah....

Rumplestiltskin ficlet - this is NOT "Once Upon a Time" fanfic....but I can certainly see where I'm going to be inspired to write fic....

For earthspirits

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*thunk* OMFG. Everything I could want in a film - Tom Hardy, tattooed Tom Hardy, flying fists, glorification of the UFC, The National, Irish Americans, and did I mention Tom Hardy? cuz damn.

And then he starred in a long drawn out dream of unrequited love. I woke up happy. Mmmm....Tom Hardy.

* Coincidentally, I watched "Warrior" on the evening of the day I discovered "Once Upon a Time". *flails* It is so nice to see Jennifer Morrison. She rocked House M.D. and these are two juicy roles. How did it take me so long to find OUaT???? Watch this, flist! It is amazingly good! Really top notch - costuming, casting, directing and writing. Fun and more fun and symbolic and just about perfect in regards to thee moderne faerie tale.

Hells yeah! Mark Mark Mark....gods....Check out the new album streaming here and make sure you listen multiple times to "Harborview Hospital" - my new fave!

* DMV was the predictable bureaucratic bullshit nightmare - we needed his birth certificate even though we were holding his freakin' expired permit in our hands. *whatever*

* "The Ugly" is scary. Don't watch it.

* I love how some folks criticize the fuck out of things they misunderstand...why don't they just freakin' ask??? I could go on and on, but I won't. And I wonder if some will ever bow in the direction of the original? /cryptic shite

Doll Photo Challenge 1/12: Fairytale


(Perhaps we need a doll photo challenge community?)
Daily dose of puppy? Grimm has been "sticking". We'll see.



* Off to the DMV and you know how much fun that is. Not. Kidling2 has signed up for a three-month long EMT course (yay!) and we're ready to let him get  his driver's license.

* I'm totally stunned the flist never turned me onto "Brothers of the Head" before!!!! Watch this film. Must not write about conjoined twins...must  not....