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Disclaimer - Other than the original fics, none of these characters belong to me - I'm only playing with what is so generously given to the universal subconscious. Thank you, creators!


Title: This Life's Figure
Characters: Sherlock/Molly
Rating: T
Word Count: 2,300
Summary: SERIOUS spoilers through S2. Fic starts 3/4 of the way into "The Reichenbach Fall".

Title: Of Amber Which Has Lain With Roses
Characters: John Watson, Mrs. Hudson, Molly Hoooper, Greg Lestrade, Mycroft, Jim Moriarty, Athene, Sherlock
Rating: T
Word Count: 2,300
Summary: Night in London. Not everyone is sleeping.


Title: Walking Away
Characters: Chibs Telford
Rating: T
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: Teensy teensy scene in a smaller scene in Season 1 Episode 2 "Seeds". Netflix it and scene begins at 32.21. Jax creates havoc at a convenience store. Chibs saves a civilian.

Title: All And Nothing
Characters: Chibs Telford, Juice Ortiz
Rating: T
Word Count: 2,000
Summary: Serious spoilers through S4. Chibs wants something.

Title: A Hundred Buck Dare
Characters: Jax, Opie
Rating: T
Word Count: 900
Summary: Jax and Opie and a late night party dare by a group of out-of-town Sons.

Title: Slash Comment Fic


Title: You Got Me Goin' Crazy - Turn Me On
Characters: Saul Goodman/Skyler White
Rating: M
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: Saul internalizes his thoughts and simple wishes.

Turn Me On - PREQUEL

Characters: Saul Goodman/Skyler White
Rating: M
Word Count: 2,600
Summary: Saul internalizes his thoughts and simple wishes.


Title: 99% Of Us Is Failure
Characters: Michael Scofield, Sara Tancredi, Alex Mahone
Rating: PG-13G
Word Count: 1,500
Summary: My favourite PB writer clair_de_lune accepted a prompt I gave her for Michael/Sara/Alex and she answered it in her usual erotic style! I decided to try my own version. Serious spoilers through the end of the series. I have not seen "Final Break" so it may not be compliant.


Title: You Go Now, Brother
Characters: Doc Cochran, Seth Bullock, Sol Starr
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,300
Summary: S1.12 The Doc returns from a delivery to Mr. Wu's pigs...



Title: One Hundred and Forty-Five Wasted Years
Characters:  Stefan/Damon
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 650
Summary: S1.14

Title: Three Drabbles
Characters:  Stefan/Damon/Elena
Rating: PG-13

Title: My Blood is Thicker Than The Water of That Love
Characters:  Stefan/Damon/Elena
Rating: PG-13

Title: Lying in State
Characters:  Elena/Dead!Elijah
Word Count: 530
Warnings: Almost but not quite....


Title: Reliance
Characters:  Jesus/Lafayette
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1600
Summary: Lafayette and Jesus have a late night/early morning conversation about trust.

Title: King
Characters:  Jesus/Lafayette
Rating: M
Word Count: 1300
Summary: Surprise, surprise, who tops? Lafayette pays Jesus a visit at work.


Title: You Must Measure Seven Times Before You Start Cutting
Characters:  Nikolai
Rating: G
Word Count: 900
Summary: Nikolai in the weeks and months after he helps Anna rescue Christine.


Title: Carry the Fire
Characters: Sam, Dean, John
Rating: G
Word Count: 1400
Summary: Written for spn_cinema. Several small scenes inspired by the Apocalyptic and Dark movie.

Title: Lemniscate
Pairings:  Sam/Dean
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1500
Summary: How Sam and Dean spent Sam's last night on Earth. A small piece I wrote last Spring, after the S5 finale, then abandoned. But after the S6 premiere I realized it just needed one. last. sentence.

Title: Where We Are Is Hell and Where Hell Be Is We
Pairings:  Sam/Dean
Rating: G
Word Count: 1300
Summary: Angsty coda to 5.22.

Title: Knife&Sheath
Pairings:  Sam/Dean
Rating: R
Word Count: 1800
Summary: Spoilers through 5.18

Title: The Sacred Path of These Warriors
Pairings:  Sam/Dean
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3000
Summary: Coda 5.14 – new case gets Sam concussed.

Title: All the Unsaid Things
Pairings:  Sam/Dean
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2429
Summary: Can a "threesome" get the boys to admit things they would rather keep hidden?

Title: Fit So Easy
Word Count: 721
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In which I crack!drabble my own fic - All the Unsaid Things. Got several requests for a continuation of that piece and a sequel is forthcoming but in the process of penning it, I got bit by this rabid slashy bunny. The first part of this is from the original fic - the second half is the crack alt ending.

Title: And We Drown
Characters: Dean/Sam
Ratings: R
Spoilers: none, earlier SPN, maybe pre-S3
Warnings: wincest
Word Count: 2300
Summary: A potential "threesome" has planted the seeds. Sequel to "All the Unsaid Things".
Disclaimer: I only take what Kripke so generously gives. Nothing belongs to me.

Title: I Will Follow You If You Let Me Lead
Characters: Dean/Sam, OFC
Ratings: M
Spoilers: none
Word Count: 12,000
Summary: S1. I love the wide-open possibilities of S1 - S3. So, in keeping with simpler times, here's a How It Might Happen Fic. Sam/Dean and a librarian investigate a ghost who is killing for love.

Title: Save Me From This Darkness
Characters: Dean/Sam
Ratings: PG-13
Spoilers: through 5x05
Warnings: spoilers, wincest
Word Count: 2600
Summary: Trying to fit some good old fashioned boy-on-boy in between current S5 episodes.

Title: Kings of Bohemia
Characters: Dean/Sam
Ratings: PG
Warnings: wincest, serious spoilers through 5.10
Word Count: 1200
Summary: ''And there is no peace
No true release
No secret place to crawl
And there is no rest
For the ones God blessed
And he blessed you best of all' ~ R. Thompson'

Title: And This Dark Will Become The Light
Characters: Dean/Sam, Jo, Ellen, Castiel, Bobby
Ratings: G
Warnings: wincest, serious spoilers through 5.10
Word Count: 850
Summary: coda 5.10

Title: Roadhouse Blues
Characters: Dean/Sam,Jo
Ratings: PG-13
Warnings: wincest
Word Count: 2100
Summary: S2

Title: Something Broken
Characters: Dean/Sam
Ratings: PG-13
Warnings: wincest
Word Count: 1700
Summary: S1

Title: God's Heart
Characters:  Sam, Dean
Words: 381
Rating: G
Warning: Through 5x04
Summary: Sam wants to talk about names.
Save Me From This Darkness

Title: Blood
Characters:  Dean/Sam
Words:  300
Rating: G
Summary: In the car, always in the car.

Title: Fear
Characters:  Dean/Sam
Words:  700
Rating: G
Summary: The Civil War, America, 1864

Title: Castiel Comment!fic Meme
Characters:  Castiel, Sam
Words:  369
Rating: G
Warning: 5x03

Title: Beginnings&Endings
Characters:  Castiel, Dean
Words:  645
Rating: G
Summary: pre-Jimmy vessel/post Hell pull

Title: A (self)Righteous Man
Words: 562
Characters: Dean and Alastair
Rating: G
Warnings: Spoilers through 5x03
Summary: Dean is nightmaring.
Notes: I am totally struggling with some of the premises of S5 and this is a wee meta-type answer to some questions that are seriously bothering me.

Title: Living In Torment
Rating: Hard G
Word Count: 4100
Fandom/Pairing: House M. D. & Supernatural - House/Dean
Prompt: “You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you do not trust enough.”
Author's Notes: Set during Supernatural S2 & 1/2, House mid-S4. Rarepairings are total crack!fic, be warned. And because it is pure prose crack, it’s a bit experimental, meaning that I could keep hammering away at the keyboard and wouldn't get any damned closer to a cohesive plot, but would produce more and more obtuse angles. :)

Title: This Emptiness Feels Like Being Filled With Pain
Characters: Dean/Jo
Rating: G
Summary: Hee~! Songfic! *hangs head in post-adolescent shame* I know, I know, I wrote fookin SONGFIC. (I despise songfic) But it's a vapid Saturday morning here and it's either write songfic or mop the kitchen lino. Now, I have NO idea how canon this is - I've watched Supernatural ONLY up to Tall Tales and this is basically inspired by the ep before TT - Born Under a Bad Sign. So....that's as much Supernatural Canon as I've got, sorry if it doesn't work because of an arc development I haven't seen...Don't SPOIL me, though.


Title: Forever
Rating: G
Word Count: 707
Pairing: Nero/Mandana
Summary: Nero can return to Romulus now that his actions have created an alternate reality. Why doesn't he go home?

Title: Space Cowboy ReMix
Rating: G
Word Count: 2222
Pairing: Spock/Uhura
Summary: Cadet Uhura wants the open Aide position in Spock's class. Dated - Year 3 at the Starfleet Academy

Title: The Child is the Man
Rating: G
Word Count: 570
Pairing: Spock, Prime
Summary: The conundrum of time warping....and alternate realities. Spoilers for Star Trek.


Title: This Terrible Price of Peace
Rating: M (slash)
Summary: 19 years later and "all is well" for everyone but George.

Title: Come Into My Sleep 1/8
Rating: T (underage)
Pairing: Sirius Black/Hermione Granger
Summary: Set during "Order of the Phoenix" and wholly and entirely inspired by Oldman!Sirius rather than bookcanon!Black. How that summer at 12 Grimmauld Place affected Hermione Granger...

Title: The Beguiling
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: AD/OFC
Summary: How Dumbledore’s decision to allow Hermione Granger the use of a time-turner has personal consequences....

Title:The Witch's Hair Shirt
Rating: M
Pairing: SS/OFC
Summary: My first ever foray into fanfiction. This fic....opened doors I never even knew existed.

Title:The Chrysalis
Rating: T
Pairing: SS/HG
Summary: Answering the Wizengamot Challenge on WIKTT. Someone is on trial for Murder. This small fic was written in 2003 - long before those of us in the HPFandom knew...how the series would end. Long before the deaths, the war, the, well, the ending. There were a lot of contemplative fics back in the day, sorting out the ways and means in which Voldemort could be brought down....mine was just one of them.

Title:Severus Snape's Waking Dream of Hermione Granger
Rating: T
Pairing: SS/HG
Summary: Inspired by the vid for NiN "Perfect Drug" and written with love for The Stars Hold Nine Serpents


Title: Every Angel's Terrible
Rating: PG-13
Character: Spike
Summary: End of Season Two - Spike and Buffy have agreed to bring down Angelus together. This is a one-shot beginning directly after he leaves the Summers' home.

Title: Metaphorical Translations of Waking Expcectations
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairing: Giles/Willow
Summary: A glance in dreams over the seven years Giles was a Watcher. Who was he watching?

Title: Willow Wreath
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairing: Giles/Willow
Summary: Season Three - Dopplegangland. Giles reaches out to Willow after her disturbing encounter with her vampire doppleganger.

Title: D'Hoffryn
Rating: R
Characters: D'Hoffryn
Summary: Assorted one-shots starring the smexy Vengeance Demon Master - D'Hoffryn


The Snowglobe
A Hole In The Sea


Title: Summer Job
Rating: G
Word Count: 573
Character: Thirteen
Summary: Still trying to work out my feelings about the finale.
Notes: Spoilers for "Wilson's Heart" inside. And written in response to phinnia's comm prompt!!!

Title: Assignation
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: House/Thirteen
Summary: written for [info]get_house_laid prompt House/Thirteen -- 13 gets really cranky, and takes it out on House.

Title: The Edge Of A Sharp Sword Is Dulled With A Beautiful Aspect And Severity Itself Is Overcome
Rating: G
Pairing: House/Thirteen
Summary: Valentine's Day Fantasy Ficlet

Title: Electormagneticism
Rating: G
Word Count: 1820
Pairing: House/Thirteen
Summary: SUMMARY: Thirteen is exuberant. She has an accident and House is there to stop the bleeding.
NOTES: Just began watching House two weeks ago. How have I gone this long without House?????

Title: The Weather Is Never Boring
Rating: PG
Word Count: 937
Pairing: House/Wilson
Summary: The storm that is House.

Title: Unforgiven
Rating: G
Word Count: 697
Character: Wilson
Summary: Still trying to work out my feelings about the finale.
Notes: Spoilers for "Wilson's Heart" inside.


Title: Alice & Hatter


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